Welcome to the Windy City!! Supernatural Bloodlines Trailer!!! 

Sean Faris and Nathaniel Buzolic in Supernatural 9.20 Bloodlines | Backdoor Pilot for the Spinoff!! 

Derek Hale - 3.01 Tattoo

Teen Wolf - 1.04 Magic Bullet 

Favorite #Sterek scene!! 

"After our little experience, for that whole year I felt like I had this hole in my gut. Like I was missing something. I didn’t know what, but you know what it was? It was you. I just…I wish I’d gone with you for good."

Tessa: I just think, whatever’s going to happen is going to happen. It’s out of my control; it’s just fate.

Dean: That’s crap. You always have a choice. You can either roll over and die or you can keep fighting, no matter what.