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The moment when HATERS try to ruin your favorite ship and you think: 

Captain Swan is endgame!! Suck it up!! 

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I can’t believe FALL is actually here!! All my shows are coming back!!! [OUAT] 4 days - [The Originals] 12 day - [Supernatural] - 13 days  [Arrow] 14 days || The time for our boys to return is soooo close!!!! Gosh, love me some good and bad guys in October ;) 

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4 days to go until OUAT returns!! Yes, finally!! More sugar Captain Hook and Captain Swan!!! Hookers are excited even with a FROZEN Hook ;) 

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New TV show to my fandom list and weekly ‘MUST-WATCH’. 

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Emma might not need any magic in New York, but Killian clearly, isn’t ready to let her go at all. 

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Colin’s new shooting for Bello Mag!! Anyone else needing to breathe, because I certainly can’t right now. BAAH, want to see the whole  pictures like right NOW!!!

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Colin O’Donoghue on Good Day LA - September 22, 2014 

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Once Upon a Time - Season 4 premiere!!! 

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..what did you do…

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