New TV show to my fandom list and weekly ‘MUST-WATCH’. 

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Emma might not need any magic in New York, but Killian clearly, isn’t ready to let her go at all. 

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Colin’s new shooting for Bello Mag!! Anyone else needing to breathe, because I certainly can’t right now. BAAH, want to see the whole  pictures like right NOW!!!

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Colin O’Donoghue on Good Day LA - September 22, 2014 

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Once Upon a Time - Season 4 premiere!!! 

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..what did you do…

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Emma: I was in love, so of course I was considering it. As usual, he wasn’t who he said he was, and I got my heart broken. That enough humor for you?

Killian: Don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m glad to hear that.

Emma: You’re glad to hear I had my heart broken?

Killian: If it can be broken…It means it still works.

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The moment when people start to call out their not loving tweets about Hook and the only thing you think, keep talking buddy, it’s only motivation to make more edits of Colin to show the love for the character. So here I go, having my coffee and open Photoshop. 

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[Spoiler TV Fanatic] Captain Swan fans, be ready!!!! FEELINGS!!!!

I’ve made it very clear that I’m a Captain Swan fan, so what can you say about that relationship moving forward?

AH: I would say as far as Emma and Hook go, it’s a similar thing. The show is not something we want to turn into two people watching Netflix. They’re going to have their challenges. There’s going to be an exploration of Hook’s character that involves the past that we’ve seen of his already, that he’s dealing with. Emma’s going to be dealing with her own past as well. And the two of them, while taking big steps forward, are going to also be having to deal with some roadblocks and obstacles that are unique to their situation. But the two of them do have feelings for each other that we’ve seen grow, obviously, and those feelings are going to continue to be explored.

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